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                                                                                  中文版 | English

                                                                                  Location:Home > Company Profile

                                                                                  Nanjing Shiheng Electronics Co.,Ltd. is executive director of CECA, ECAM ,CPSS and “Electronic Components & Materials”. As "National high-tech enterprises" and "Jiangsu private technology enterprises", the company has built the first research centre “Nanjing engineering research centre for NTC thermal sensitive ceramic material project” and have strong strength of research and development . 

                                                                                  Shiheng Electronics is a private technology enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of NTC thermistors, NTC temperature sensors, PTC thermistors and zinc oxide varistors and so on. NTC thermistor series application includes of surge current, temperature compensation, precision temperature test and temperature control .Shiheng become the key enterprises of NTC thermistors and NTC temperature sensors . 

                                                                                  The company has been passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System, TS16949 Quality Management System , ISO14001:2004 Environment Management System and GB/T29490 intellectual property management system. Company have AAA credit rating, Shiheng brand was awarded “The famous brand of Jiangsu province” and “Nanjing famous brand products". As the industry key enterprise, appointed by the industry association, is involved in the drafting of the National "Thirteen five plan" .

                                                                                   Depending on the unique process method and advanced technology, Shiheng products have the advantages of high precision, reliability and stability ,and becoming the industry leading level. Main products were approved by CQC、UL、CUL and TUV, Automotive grade products have passed the AEC-Q200 test. Shiheng Keep up with the international development trends, and constantly developed with international advanced level of new products. Many Science and technology projects were funded by the National Torch Plan and Innovation Fund, and new technological product prize of Nanjing city. Shiheng high quality products are deeply favored by the customers, NTC thermistors and NTC temperature sensors are widely applied in such fields as industrial electronic equipment, communication, electric power, transportation, medical apparatus, automotive electronics, household applications, testing instruments, power equipment, smart home control, Green Energy, energy conservation and environmental protection and military industry etc.The products export to Europe, North America and other countries.

                                                                                   Shiheng have another two companies: Nanjing Shiheng sensitive element co., ltd, and Jiangsu Shiheng Electronics co., ltd.

                                                                                   Nanjing Shiheng sensitive element co., ltd, mainly produces power and compensation NTC thermistors in scale with 300 sets of automatic production facilities, perfect technique and complete quality management. The manufacture capacity reaches one hundred million pieces monthly.

                                                                                   Jiangsu Shiheng Electronics co., ltd., mainly R&D and produces power NTC thermistors and high-power NTC chips. Own industry advanced technique and production instruments, company has been forming the unique advantages and scale of NTC chip powder making and chips manufacturing.

                                                                                  Advisory hotline