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                                                                  Indention Notice and Attention Proceeding of NTC Thermistor and Temperature Sensor in Temperature Measurement and Control

                                                                  Published time:2011/6/28    Visitors:4189次

                                                                    Indention Notice
                                                                    1.Please afford integrated parameter in indention
                                                                    Including the resistance, B value, Dimensions, Length of wire and temperature resistance.

                                                                    2.If the parameter is not certain or sure, please afford the following data:
                                                                    (2)Using conditions and environment
                                                                    (3)The range of temperature measurement and control
                                                                    (5)The zero power resistances and errors at two or more temperatures

                                                                    3.Sheath and cannula can be added according to the requirement of users
                                                                    Linked ends machined capable according to the requirement of users
                                                                    High-dissipation manufacture capable, Test current can be far larger than that of sensor of traditional structure, simplify the circuit.
                                                                    Peculiar manufacture capable according to the requirement of users

                                                                    Attention Proceeding
                                                                    1.Do the best to avoiding the sudden change of ambient temperature of thermistors and temperature sensor for fear of aging.
                                                                    2.The current that passes through thermistor and temperature sensor will cause that the components heat themselves and cause difference of temperature. So this factor should be considered before selection. (when the heat of component itself is 1/10 of dissipation coefficient δ(mW/℃)  difference of temperature is 0.1℃, when it is 1/100 of δdifference of temperature is 0.01℃)
                                                                    3.The overlarge current caused by bad insulation, electrostatic induction, false line linking in circuitry will damage the thermistor. It is very important to emphasize the linking method, and that overlarge current is not allowable to pass through thermistors and sensors.
                                                                    4.Measurement beginning after 5S, 7S best
                                                                  5.Type of Small size and little time constant should be selected when the circumstance requires fast measuring and high precision.
                                                                    6.When water drip, dusts or ionic compound is between the intervals of lead wire or on the surfaces of insulator, the resistance will decline and be instability which would cause the measuring difference of temperature. So moisture protection and insulation treatments should be taken to keep dryness.

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