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                          2019 New Year's annual meeting of Shiheng Electronics

                          Published time:2019/2/5    Visitors:241次

                          At 15:30 PM on February 1, 2019, the 2019 New Year's annual meeting of Shiheng company was held in the courtyard of Yinjia, Hushu Town. All employees gathered together to summarize 2018 and look forward to 2019.

                          First of all, Mr. Wang delivered a speech to welcome the New Year, reviewed the company's work in 2018, and sheared the company's plan in 2019. Combined with the whole thermistor industry and the current economic development situation, he proposed new goals for the company's development in 2019.

                          Next, the annual outstanding employees were awarded: Wang ping, Tang zuli, MAO cuicui, Dai yu, Fan wen and Liu jiajia.In addition, Wu jinhua, Huang huicheng and Zha congzhu were awarded the special contribution award.

                          Then, the annual meeting to welcome the New Year performances, solo, chorus, dance, games and so on.The wonderful performance of the staff entertaining themselves was applauded and cheered by everyone.

                          After the show, the banquet formally began, we toast, I wish you a constant, wish you work and life are getting better and better, cheering, the atmosphere reached a climax.Meanwhile, the lucky draw and WeChat red envelope activity added a surprise to the banquet.

                          The New Year's annual meeting ended with the blessing and laughter of all the staff of Shiheng. We firmly believe that a more beautiful 2019 and a more beautiful future of Shiheng will be realized with the hard work of Shiheng staff.

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