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                                                  as a professional manufacturer of NTC thermistor, shiheng electronics was set up as "survey point for private enterprises of all-china federation of industry and commerce".

                                                  Published time:2019/4/2    Visitors:229次
                                                  Recently, after becoming "Provincial Enterprise Burden Monitoring Point", as a professional manufacturer of NTC thermistor, Shiheng Electronics was set up as "Survey Point for Private Enterprises of all-China Federation of Industry and Commerce".
                                                  On March 26, Shiheng Electronics welcomed Qian weibing, a member of the party leading group of Nanjing Federation of Industry and Commerce, vice chairman, vice minister of Jiangning district Organization Department, and Zhang jun, Secretary of the party leading group of Jiangning District Federation of Industry and Commerce, and other leaders.Mr. Wang Yang, general manager of the company gave him reception and showed him around the workshop of the factory. He held a discussion and reported the current situation, problems and Suggestions of Shiheng Electronics.

                                                  Shiheng Electronics will continue to make efforts in the research and development and production of NTC thermistor, NTC temperature sensor and other sensitive passive components, timely reflect the situation of the enterprise, and do a good job for the national and government policy formulation and enterprise operation monitoring obligations!

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